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Telecom Expense ManagementTelecom Expense Management

Here at Local Telecom Management, we focus on providing the very best service for our customers. This means that we have researched and found local telecom platforms currently available in your business area, which can provide you with the best prices and the best service. We work with these industry leaders to provide the best dependability and prices to our own customers. Instead of developing our own telecom platform from scratch, we work with telecom companies that have already laid the foundation for the best services. We work with these companies to find them customers, and you the best service!

Telecom Audit and RecoveryTelecom Audit and Recovery

Whether you have a current contract with a telecom company, or you’re looking to switch to a new provider, contracts can be complicated, long, and boring. Who wants to read through that long document, and not even understand what some of it means? Fortunately, reading through those current or new documents could uncover more spending money for your business! If you think you’re current telecom services bill is too high, we can step it and help. We’ll read through that boring contract for you, and uncover where you’re overpaying or not getting enough service for what you are already paying for. The good news is, we already offer these audit services to all of our current customers, at no extra cost. If you’re a new customer trying to find some savings with your current telecom provider, we can provide these audit services at no risk. If we can’t find your business any savings in your current contract, then you pay nothing. If this occurs, you’ll receive two great benefits: you’ll be assured that you’re getting the correct telecom services for the right price, and you’ll receive documentation of your current contract and network billing.

Technology ConsultingTechnology Consulting

If you've never worked with a telecom company or know nothing about the industry, the task of finding telecom solutions for your company could be nigh impossible. All you do need to know is that your company has unmet needs, and that a telecom platform can solve them. We can help find that right Telecom Company for your company. You tell us what your business are, your budget and other variables, and we will work from there. We have gathered a directory of reliable telecom companies across the US, who have provided services for many companies like yours. We will help bridge that potential connection, so that your business can get those telecom needs fulfilled at the right budget. We can help you find a telecom company that provides any service, big or small, including: cloud services, mobility management, data center, telecom, unified communications, and a contact center.

Mobile Device ManagementMobile Device Management

Mobile devices are one of the hardest area of telecom to manage. There are constant upgrades to cellular devices, and users are constantly demanding more data and faster downloading speeds. This is where our company can help. Whether your company already has their own devices (BYOD) or provides corporate-provided devices, we can help your company manage and protect the data and service on those mobile devices for all of your employees. We can help protect all of your cell phones, laptops and tablets, no matter where your employees are using them. We can help find a company that can provide encrypted security, network access controls, different types of authentication, and virus protection. And if a device somehow becomes stolen, we can ensure that a remote locking of the device, and if necessary perform a data wipe on the device. Another critical service is containerization technology services. This is where an employee can store their personal content and corporate information on the same device, separately. All these applications will follow regulation policies and laws. They will also be available to you for the lowest price possible. These services are necessary for your devices, so that they and the data they hold can stay safe and so that your employees are always at their fullest working potential.

Collocation and Data CenterCollocation and Data Center

Picking the right data center is critical as you should never need or have to move the site down the road as your requirements evolve. We’ve helped many clients determine the scope of requirements and select the percent data center to fit those requirements. We have over 40 collocation providers representing over 200 facilities globally in cloud technology.

Unified CommunicationsUnified Communications

How do you pick from a market place of over 1000 providers? TTM USA has put in place several key requirements on any cloud UC provider we work with. Because of this we’ve limited the field to just over 30 providers. These providers often have very unique capabilities and we work diligently to match your requirements with the right partner.

Cloud Technology ServicesCloud Technology Services

You've heard of the Cloud, and you've done your research. You realize that moving your data and other applications to the Cloud would be much easier for your business. But what is the first step? Calling us. We can uncover your exact business needs for the Cloud, any possible limitations or other extra steps, and most importantly what your budget is. If you’re already getting some telecom services from a company, we can help combine this new service with your current provider. If you’re looking for a brand new provider, we can look and narrow down the possibilities among the hundreds of telecom companies that we’ve joined up with. There are many services available through the Cloud, such as hosting, computing, storage, big data, cloud endpoints, and API’s. Whether your business just needs help in managing your website, customer data, or applications, the Cloud can handle it for you. Every telecom company that we work with has a stable and fast infrastructure, so you can quickly develop and deploy your applications without having to worry about the system administration. If you only need specific Cloud services, we can work with potential providers to work with your needs. And we can help find the right company that provides the services your business needs, for the right price.

Bid ManagementBid Management

Choosing the right service provider for your company can be a daunting task. Occasionally, one company can offer you a lower price for one service than a competitor, but may not come close in another service. We can help you pair these two companies together, so that you get the services you need at the price you want. Our company can step in and arrange for easier contracts, simple billing agreements, and complete customer satisfaction. If you’re not sure where to start, just tell us what you’re looking for and what your budget is. We excel at narrowing down the competition from our many available service providers, identifying your service needs at each possible service provider. A member of our staff will sit down with you and highlight the options for you, making your choosing process easy! We take care of the grunt work, so that your company can receive that needed service as quickly as possible, for the right price.

Network ConvergenceNetwork Convergence

Do you have a separate company for each telecom service that your company needs? Get up to speed with everyone else by combining these services into one. We can help find the right telecom service provider for your company. This combination process will remove previous problems that your company had to deal with: different billing payments and managing different accounts, dealing with different customer service protocols, and dealing with different issues that arose with each different service. Eliminate these redundant problems by simplifying them with one company. You’ll pay only one bill and deal with only one customer service department. The most common telecom services to combine are phone, Internet, TV, and data storage. Many regular Internet service companies provide these services now, but so do more advanced telecom service providers. Dependent on your data usage and needs, we can help find the right company for your company.

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Allan Watkins

Allan Watkins
CEO & Founder

Since 1996, Allan Watkins has specialized in advanced technology solutions for enterprise & service provider customers. He has developed solutions that have solved complex challenges around compliance, network security, unified communications, and network architecture for Fortune 500 companies.

Jeremy Schell

Jeremy Schell
VP of Business Development

Jeremy Schell has been working in the fields of technology and telecommunications since 1995 and brings that experience to Total Telecom Management in order to help the company best meets the needs of clients.

David Weil

David Weil
Director Channel Sales

David Weil is a seasoned Sales Executive with more than 25 years of Sales, Management, and Telephony experience. During this period, David has managed revenue streams ranging from $4 million to more than $20 million annually.

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